3 Key Tips to Never Get Locked Out Again

Written by Simon

21st June 2019

Let’s imagine it’s a Saturday afternoon, it’s chucking it down with rain, you have bags of shopping and a couple of kids in tow. You get to your car, and your car key is nowhere to be found! What will you do? It’s your only key!

Since you’re reading this article, our guess is that you didn’t have to imagine this scenario, as you’ve already been there yourself many times… We can sympathise. Losing your house or car key is incredibly annoying and can cause lots of stress and havoc at the last minute.

But what if this didn’t have to be a reality? We are providing you with three key tips that can give you peace of mind that you will never find yourself in a panic searching for your keys ever again:

1. Have a Spare Key Made

Spare keys are easy to have made at a locksmith and will allow you to get back behind the wheel or into your house when your main keys can’t be found. With it stored in a designated safe place, a spare key can be a lifesaver if you ever find yourself in a desperate situation. Now, the key is remembering where that safe place is!

Did you know that we also sell lockable Key Safes to step-up your security?

2. Use a Key Finding App

Nowadays, there are mobile phone apps like Tile which have come to our rescue, specially designed to find your misplaced valuables. Using bluetooth, Tile can track your keys, wallet and phone – making it ring even when it’s on silent – and show the location of your items on a map. Pretty cool if you ask us.

3. Be Aware

When you are just about to put your keys down, pause for a moment and think about where you’re planning to put them…  Are you likely to remember that place? Might it be easily lost or stolen from here? Be sure to place them well away from your front door and windows… Running through these thoughts takes a quick second but could save you a lot of time later on.


Using these tips, we hope that you will find yourself searching for misplaced house and car keys much less often, even on your busiest days. While our tips do not provide a guarantee that you will never lose your keys again, they are still effective in helping ensure that you never get locked out.

If you’re looking to have a spare key made, why not consider Keyishoes in Carlisle? We specialise in precise and well-calibrated key-cutting and auto-locksmith services, all at great prices.  Contact us for a no obligation quote today!

What Our Customers Say About Us…

Great service. Wanted a spare key for my van, only took less than 20 minutes while I waited and reasonably priced too.


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