Keytracker: The Key Management System For Carlisle Businesses

The Secure, Fail-Safe Asset & Key Management System

Keytracker is the solution to keep track of keys. The access peg system ensures you know who had the keys last, as their access peg will be in place. It also prevents taking out another key before replacing the last one. It’s an ideal tracker for keys in car sales showrooms, hotels, and secure storage facilities. Property Managers will find this simple mechanical solution useful too.

Key Tracker system provides solutions to all these headaches:

  • Are you looking for a fail safe system for managing keys for your business?
  • Sick of keys going missing resulting in costly replacement?
  • Do you want your staff to be accountable for their use of company keys?
  • Do you need to know which member of staff is carrying company keys at any particular time?

With numerous business applications, Keytracker is an ingenious way to ensure excellent secure key and asset management. This system is versatile and easily expanded to provide great control over the keys you handle. The video above gives you some example applications for businesses.

  • Car & Van Dealerships – To keep track of vehicle keys for car showrooms or fleet vehicles.
  • Healthcare – Keytracker is popular in hospitals.
  • Security Companies – Key holding security companies can keep track of their clients keys.
  • Estate Agents & Property Manager or Landlords – Key all keys readily available, secure and organised.

These are just a few of the possible applications listed above.

The Best Key Tracker for Your Business

Misuse or loss of keys is a serious issue and may cost your business hundreds or even thousands of pounds! A compromise in key security may invalidate your business insurance or render a vehicle out of use. Worse, misplaced keys may result in theft or unlawful entry to company owned property or vehicles!

Keyishoes recommends Keytracker as the perfect solution!

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How Does The Keytracker Mechanical System Work?

The Keytracker Mechanical System uses both Access and Retention Pegs in a selection of colour options engraved with either letters or numbers to match your requirements.

Keytracker 50 peg mechanical key tracking board

Keytracker is a modular and expandable system that can be easily fixed directly to the wall, slotted on to wall brackets while in use then moved easily for overnight or offsite storage, or it can be housed within one of our bespoke Mechanical Cabinets.  Made from a Stainless Steel frame with ABS plastic moulded tracks your Keytracker will last a lifetime!

Keytracker coloured retention pegs

Access Pegs are issued to staff members authorised to access the Mechanical Keytracker Board to unlock the keys required to do their job, ideally the end of the Access Peg is engraved with the person’s initials or they are allocated a specific number.  If more than one set of keys is required at anyone time, that employee would be issued with the appropriate number of Access Pegs.  The end that goes into the board has a “Cog style” rather than the “smooth style” of the Retention Peg that has the key bunch securely attached to it with one of our Anti-tamper Seals.  We will supply Blank or Plain Access Pegs, but this is not recommended as the onus of responsibility is not automatic.  Available in a wide range of colours and a number of variants, please choose the colour, style and what you want engraved.

Retention Pegs are the ones that the keys are secured to, these will be numbered to match the Mechanical Keytracker Board capacity and will be included with the board when first supplied, however replacement pegs can be supplied in any quantity.  Retention Pegs are available in a number of colours, however the most effective combination is to use white for the Retention Pegs and the colours are then used for the Access pegs.

Keytracker mirror hangers

In addition, a useful feature for New & Used Vehicle Dealerships are the Mirror Hangers. These are numbered and can be branded with your company details or franchise model and the numbers correspond to the Retention Pegs on the Keytracker Board. This means a quick glance at the vehicle and you can go directly to the correct keys for the vehicle!

We feel sure that you will love the Keytracker Secure Management System which adds security and professionalism to your business at an affordable cost. In fact, can you afford not to install it? Contact us today to discuss your requirements and see how your business could benefit from Keytracker.