Keep Your Keys Safe with Keytracker

Written by Simon

20th September 2019

Are you looking for a fail-safe system for managing keys for your business?

Sick of keys going missing resulting in costly replacement?

Do you want your staff to be accountable for their use of company keys?

Do you need to know which member of staff is carrying company keys at any particular time?

When you’re running a business, you need to make sure that both your premises and assets are kept safe at all times.

Security is important in every business, but particularly crucial when handling keys. Losing or misplacing keys, alongside high insurance premiums, may cost your business hundreds or even thousands of pounds! It’s a hassle nobody wants to be dealing with – but it doesn’t have to be a reality.

There are several solutions for optimising the security of the keys in your business, but key management systems are one of the simplest and most effective solutions of all…

Key management can benefit all sorts of businesses, including:

    • Hospitality – Organised room key management in hotels
    • Motor trade Secure vehicle key storage and tracking for car dealership showrooms or fleet management businesses.
    • Real estateTo keep all key sets safe and readily available for estate agents and property managers or landlords
    • HealthcareControlled and authorised access for keys in hospitals
    • Security Keyholding security companies to secure and keep track of their clients’ keys

Key management helps to:

  • Improve key organisation
  • Add control and enhance security
  • Reduce the time spent managing keys
  • Minimise the loss or theft of keys
  • Keep an eye on who has hold of which key

Keytracker’s Mechanical Key Security System is a reliable and cost-effective way to solve all of these problems for your business. It is an established system that has been providing solutions for key and asset control problems since 1996.

Since then, Keytracker has continued to develop with the changing needs of businesses, and is now a trusted option for key management that’s made to last and designed to suit a wide range of environments. This modular, versatile system gives total flexibility to easily expand with your business and provide control over the keys you handle. What’s more, it doesn’t rely on complicated electronic software.

How does it work?

Keytracker can be easily fixed directly to the wall; slotted onto wall brackets while in use, then moved easily for overnight or offsite storage. It can also be housed within one of our bespoke Mechanical Cabinets – made from a Stainless Steel frame with ABS plastic moulded tracks, your Keytracker will last a lifetime!

It uses a simple peg-in – peg-out system that grants authorised users personalised access pegs. These pegs need to be inserted in order to remove a key, which allows you to track who has removed a key.

The Keytracker uses both Access and Retention Pegs in a selection of colour options, engraved with either letters or numbers to match your requirements.

  • Access Pegs: These are issued to staff members authorised to access the Mechanical Keytracker Board to unlock the keys required to do their job. Ideally, the end of the Access Peg is engraved with the person’s initials or they are allocated a specific number.
  • Retention Pegs: These are the ones that the keys are secured to, which will be numbered to match the Mechanical Keytracker Board capacity. These will be included with the board when first supplied, however, replacement pegs can be supplied in any quantity. Retention Pegs are available in a number of colours, but the most effective combination is to use white for the Retention Pegs and the colours are then used for the Access pegs.

At Keyishoes, we will supply access and retention pegs, available in a wide range of colours and a number of variants – just choose the colour, style and what you want to be engraved!

Benefits of secure key management:

1. Lower costs

Getting your locks changed and replacing keys will cost you money. Calling up a professional locksmith to finish the job, especially if it becomes a regular occurrence, means that costs can really begin to mount up.

Plus, having a good key control system not only protects your customers, but also proves that you have taken professional steps to safeguard them – and as a result, insurance rates could also be reduced.

2. Save time

Without an organised system in place, there’s a higher risk of keys being lost when being passed regularly between employees.

You can stop wasting valuable time trying to keep track of assets and wondering who has hold of your keys with a controlled and trackable key management system.

Keytracker helps to save time, simply because it’s good at its job! The easy-to-use identification system and organised layout mean that all keys are in one place, leaving you with more productive time on your hands.

3. Peace of mind

A compromise in key security can invalidate insurance or render a vehicle out of use – or worse yet, misplaced keys can lead to opportunist theft or unauthorised access to company-owned property or vehicles!

By installing a key system like Keytracker to keep your business’ keys safe, security risks will be massively lowered. The ultimate security features enable you to know at all times who has which set of keys, since only authorised staff have access to the board. In turn, any arguments of negligence are weakened, as you’re far less likely to be held legally responsible if a burglary, robbery or other intrusion-related crime takes place on your premises.


We hope this article has helped you recognise how you can benefit from installing a Keytracker system at your business. With its easy-to-use system allowing you to track your business’ keys in real-time, you can rest assured that you have taken all of the necessary steps to keep your business as safe and efficient as can be.

We’re sure that you will love the Keytracker Mechanical Key Security System which adds security and professionalism to your business at an affordable cost. In fact, can you afford not to install it? We think you might wonder how you ever managed without it!

For a No Obligation FREE demonstration at your premises, call Simon: 07808 793 418

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