Key Cutting, Coding, Programming, Repairing and Refurbishing!

Written by Simon

23rd August 2019

We have had a lot of car keys to supply and repair recently!

Based in Carlisle, we can supply, cut and programme car and van keys and remotes for most models, whether you just need a spare or have lost all the keys to your vehicle. That includes remote and non-remote keys (budget and genuine options available), as well as modern ‘Smart’ Keys for vehicles with Keyless Ignition (Push Button Start).

We regularly receive questions about what kind of keys we can work with, which got us thinking about the variety of keys we can cut, code, programme and repair! We love to give our clients a wide choice for different budgets, so we have a range of options available.

So, here’s our latest update focussed on just some of the keys we’ve supplied, repaired or refurbished – along with some helpful advice when using your keys and when to seek out a professional, if and when there is ever a problem.

Budget Non-Remote Keys

We can also supply and cut chipped non-remote (transponder) keys for your vehicle – the main difference being there are no remote functions on the key.

Many non-remote keys can still switch off the alarm and immobiliser and, when turned on in the ignition, offers the option of a budget spare key that may only be used in an emergency.

So, having a remote key as your main key doesn’t always mean you need to go to the expense of having another remote key as a spare… Non-remote keys make a cheaper alternative, especially when you don’t need to have remote key functions!

One of our recent jobs was to programme a spare non-remote key for a 2009 Mazda MX5.

We also cut a spare transponder key for a beautiful 1998 Jaguar XK8, as well as a new non-remote key for a Jaguar S-Type. All in all, we saved our clients a huge amount compared to what they would have paid at main dealers.

In fact, in most cases there is no need for you to go to your main dealer – often we can both supply and programme these without you having to leave the vehicle with us for half a day or more!

We are proud to say that our clients are often surprised by how well non-remote keys made at Keyishoes function given the price.

Keyless Entry Systems

A keyless entry system is an electronic lock that controls access to a vehicle without using a traditional mechanical key.

This can be very useful and effective for those who want to be able to lock and unlock their car doors, as well as perform a variety of other functions from within a few yards of their vehicle.

This week, we programmed a new key card for a 2011 Renault Laguna for a fraction of main dealer prices.

Although smart intelligent keys and key cards don’t use a mechanical key system, Keyishoes can still help to repair, reprogramme or replace them when there’s a fault.

Keyishoes Tip 1:

Renault key cards contain delicate electronics which are fitted into a very thin design. This means their electronic circuits can be easily bent or snapped…

  • More often than not, it is a faulty key card causing a problem. So, before you spend money on a new card reader (as these are rarely the issue), get the key card checked by a professional
  • Be wary and save your hard-earned money – do not buy a second-hand key online!

Working with Main Dealers

At Keyishoes, we also work with local main dealerships to help provide affordable key solutions for their vehicles.

Here are some of our most recent examples…

Reprogrammed Remote Keys for a Hyundai i40

Our client – a car trader – came to us with a problem with their remote keys for their Hyundai i40. We sorted the issue quickly for them by reprogramming the keys, saving them a fortune.

      Keyishoes Tip 2:

      Sometimes, car owners will come across issues with their remote keys because of electrical interference from something in the area in which you park your car. To avoid this happening:

      • Take a look around the car parks where you have experienced the problems and check for things like antennas – these are the most likely source of the problem
      • Park away from antennas when you can

      New Remote and Non-Remote Keys for Local Vauxhall Main Dealership

      We supplied, cut and programmed a number of genuine and budget, remote and non-remote keys for our local Vauxhall main dealer. These included Vauxhall Corsa, Adam and Astra SRi models.

      Keyishoes Tip 3:

      Vauxhall keys are traditionally well made but the rubber on the case can be very soft, meaning it wears down easily. To make sure it doesn’t fall apart, take our advice:

      • Do not attempt to swap out the parts with ones sold on online stores like eBay. It is very easy for people to break the delicate and expensive electronic parts inside or cause damage to the hinges
      • Instead, seek help from a professional who can do the whole job for you

      We offer a whole range of key cutting services at Keyishoes. For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help get the spare or replacement key arranged that you are looking for! View some of our examples…

      Non-Remote Key for a Porsche Boxster

      We have recently cut a budget non-remote key for a Porsche Boxster, saving the client money which would otherwise be spent at any Porsche main dealers.

      Motorcycle Keys

      We offer a number of services to those who need help with different types of vehicles and key systems. For instance, we are regularly asked to cut Honda motorcycle keys by a local Honda main dealer.

      Remote keys for Land Rover Freelander and Discovery models

      We can supply, cut, programme and repair a number of different remote keys for various different Land Rover models.

      For one Land Rover Freelander 2, we replaced the rechargeable battery, which had been badly repaired by an online company. As for the Land Rover Freelander 2 and the Land Rover Discovery 4, we have also supplied and reprogrammed new remote keys. We also provide a refurbishing service for Land Rover Discovery Flip Remotes.

      Spare Intelligent Key for Ford C-Max

      Intelligent keys allow for a seamless, keyless ignition.

      We have specialist equipment that allows us to programme various keys, including spare intelligent keys for a Ford C-Max – so you no longer have to worry about losing your main keys!


      At Keyishoes, we love making our clients happy with high quality, great value services. We can help find and provide simple key solutions for all kinds of locks and vehicles, including vans, motorhomes, motorbikes and trikes etc.

      If you’re looking to have your car keys serviced, why not give us a call? You can contact us for a no obligation quote today.

      Simon is fantastic at what he does, saves me money on a regular basis and takes all the stress away if any of my customers have key problems. From new batteries to key coding and even replacement keys… top job every time… highly recommend going to see Simon and not a main dealer.

      Chris Smalley

      Managing Director, UsedCars4Less

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