Making a Mark

Written by Simon

18th December 2019

Do you know what you and our computerised diamond engraver have in common? You’re both trying to leave your mark on the world! Engraving is the method of customising items with a personal touch, be it a sign, staff award, or a memento for a loved one. Getting an engraving is useful when looking to add details onto a variety of surfaces, from winners’ trophies and awards to plaques and personalised gifts.

How does it work?

Engraving is the incising of a design onto a material. At Keyishoes, we use a computerised diamond engraver – this makes the process very quick and accurate! By using this, we can produce precise designs where a pair of hands might struggle to make the adjustments needed for every material.

Our machine is great at switching settings, modes, and variants to match the surface being used. Armed with a diamond stylus, our machine can engrave with precision – and with no room for error. Plus, if the diamond stylus isn’t capable of making the finest of marks, we have a carbide cutter alternative for thicker materials such as brass, wood, slate and certain plastics.

The best way to make use of our services is to pre-order, or let us know in advance! Our engraving machine is quite large so we have a workshop offsite, but we can usually offer a next day service if required – although more time may be needed for more intricate designs or delicate materials.

Did you know? Our machine can read and engrave digital vectors! For example, a customer handed us a sheet of paper with staff signatures written over it, and we were able to scan and vectorise them so that the machine could engrave each signature onto a metal hip flask as staff a leaving gift!

What can we engrave?

When you’re looking to get something engraved, you want the quality to be stellar. While not every material in the world can be worked upon, we can engrave slate, wood, metal, acrylic plastic, and most glass. From medals to wine bottles, there isn’t much that our machines can’t do! Our clever contraption is capable of engraving onto the surface of various materials, shapes and sizes – if you’re in doubt, just ask us!

It’s also possible to produce small format signs, notices, and memorial plaques. These can be of a variety of materials, including slate, wood, acrylic laminate, marbelite, brass, jewellers brass, and trophy aluminium.

Love locks, hip flasks, champagne bottles, plaques, pet tags, plastic key fobs… Have a look at what’s possible at Keyishoes:

Why not just paint it yourself?

Engraving is the best option if you’re seeking a professional finish with longevity in mind. A painted sign is good for a moment, but an engraved design has a much longer lifespan. Organisations, companies and professional establishments often have a plaque displaying their details – think of a local dentist, for instance!

Our engraving techniques enable us to offer these customers bespoke projects, quick results, and interesting designs. What’s best is that these engravings are extremely durable in comparison to other options – outdoor plaques, for example, need to be hardy to withstand weathering. Not only do you get a practical result with engraving, but the impression also is sleek and cannot be washed away or scratched off like paint.

    Common uses for engraving

    The possibilities for engraving are almost limitless when it comes to design. Our fantastic machinery can produce detailed and precise results such as signatures, names, dates, and initials. This is perfect for personalised gifts! It’s also ideal for updating trophies and awards for local groups, teams and communities since they need updating annually (or seasonally), which makes our service a quick, easy, and affordable for small adjustments!

    We can personalise pet tags, including their name and contact details – extremely important in the event of a lost pet! We’ve also engraved celebratory messages on extra special gifts for customers, such as a bottle of Moët or a love lock.

    Our services are also ideal for businesses, as we provide tailored engravings for plastic tags that can be attached to key fobs, till cards, lanyards and door signs, for instance – perfect for hospitality industries, car dealerships, offices, and retail organisations!

    Does your business have a logo? Get that image engraved onto signs, notices or wall fixtures! Second to this would be company or staff awards – have your employees been working hard this month? Recognise their hard work with a personalised gesture… an engraved award! You can find our trophies and awards catalogue here.


    The best part about engraving is the personal touch that can be added to any item we work with! You’ve heard about the magic we can do and how far we can push our machines, so why not take a look at Our Services page and see what our local, independent and convenient company can do for you!

    As always, if you have any thoughts or suggestions in mind, or you need some inspiration, then drop us a message, give us a call, or visit us in Carlisle!

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