New Remote Keys, Gucci Soles and Love Lock Engraving

Written by Simon

26th July 2019

It’s been a lovely week of summer in Carlisle, we hope you’ve been enjoying soaking up the sunshine like we have!

At Keyishoes, we’ve been working hard and are happy to share with you our latest jobs and updates…


Remote Key for 2017 VW Crafter

We had a client come to us with a request for a new remote key for their 2017 VW Crafter. Their vehicle would not initially accept a second key, which made the job quite tricky – but we don’t give up!

We tried a number of different tools, and discovered that on this newer model, there was a very subtle difference in the programming technique that wasn’t documented.

In the end, we made a new remote key that was fully functioning, and our customer went away happy that he didn’t have to pay main dealer prices!

New Key for BMW 1 Series

A local car dealer came into Keyishoes with a BMW 1 Series, where neither key would work the central locking and only one key would start the keyless ignition.

They had been told (wrongly) by the main dealer to book it in for a whole key replacement, since the batteries can’t be replaced.

We replaced the very standard batteries, and both keys are now fully functioning, all for £16 including VAT!

Ultion Dimple Keys for Story Homes

At Keyishoes we offer a comprehensive key cutting service, covering Cylinder (Yale type) and Mortice (Skeleton type) keys, as well as keys for cars and vans, including the Ford Tibbe type and modern laser keys.

This week, we cut some more Ultion dimple keys. Ultion keys ensure your home is secured with a lock that passes all security tests. These types of keys are commonly used by Story Homes for their new housing developments across Cumbria.

For more information about our key cutting services, please contact us at Keyishoes and we will be happy to help get the spare or replacement key arranged that you are looking for.


New Soles for Classic Gucci Ladies’ Shoes

Whether it’s heels on a pair of stilettos or a full leather sole and heel on a good quality pair of men’s shoes, Keyishoes can repair them for you to a high standard.

One client came to us with a beautiful pair of classic Gucci ladies’ shoes. She wanted to give them some extra protection for a new lease of life to last even longer. We fitted the shoes with a lightweight rubber sole, which measured just 1.8mm thick but gave them grip, extra wear and water resistance.

We also have an excellent service for repairing uppers, including new back-linings, zip repair or replacement, seam repairs, new elastic gussets and buckle replacements.


Trophy Engraving

At Keyishoes, we offer a prompt turnaround for engraving trophy cups, shields, tankards, plaques and salvers – we also provide services to those who want unique gift engraving…

This week, we had a visitor who arrived in style on a big trike on his way to the north of Scotland. He dropped off a trophy for engraving and we had it ready for him by the time he came back.

Personalised Gifts

We also engraved a “Love Lock” for one of our clients, who wanted a symbol of their love for their partner. We inscribed their names and anniversary dates, and it made for a beautiful romantic gift.

At Keyishoes, we believe a gift is a special gift when it’s personalised. We can engrave on slate, wood, metals and glass, so next time a special occasion or event is coming up, why not have a bottle of wine or whisky engraved with a message? If you need inspiration, give us a call or send a message on Facebook and perhaps we can help.


As you can see, we’ve been hard at work at Keyishoes. We love making our clients happy with high quality services at great prices. If you’re looking to have your keys replaced, shoes repaired or a special gift engraved, why not give us a call? You can contact us for a no obligation quote today.

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