Remote Key Fails, Football Trophies and Sharpened Chef’s Knives

28th June 2019

It’s been a fantastic week at Keyishoes!

We’ve been working hard and are excited to update you on our most recent jobs…

First, we would like to tell you a story about one of our clients, who drives a Ford Transit van. They tried to unlock their vehicle, but their remote fob key failed – it wouldn’t open, and worse yet – their manual key was so worn that it couldn’t open the door. Disaster!

Our experience tells us that the remote fails are typically due to the rechargeable battery failing. Door locks usually won’t open due to excessive key wear.

Thankfully, our client gave Keyishoes a call, and we helped them out with a new fob battery and manual key.

In situations like these, there are just a few options that people have. We’ve written up a handy list to show you the available options and their likely costs…

1. Recover your vehicle to Ford (at least £1000)

Ford offer a service called Ford Assistance who can offer to break into your vehicle, most likely by breaking the windows as they are deadlocked. They would then fit you with new locks on all the doors and programme you a new key.

2. Call a Vehicle Rescue Service (£220)

You can make a call-out for a vehicle rescue service, who can pick the locks, enter the vehicle and program a new remote key for you. This may incur a call-out charge, but you might have access to complimentary roadside assistance if your car is relatively new – check the information in the handbook pouch or with the recovery service.

3. Have the fob battery replaced and a new manual key cut (£50)

In this case, with our client, we replaced the rechargeable battery in the sealed fob and cut a new key to the code, which we obtained by reading the key by eye and confirming the correct code in our software. We charged £50.

The key then opened the vehicle both remotely and manually using the key. We helped our client with massive savings in cost and time!

If you’re looking to have a spare key made or remote fob fixed, why not consider Keyishoes in Carlisle? You can save up to 50% of main dealer prices.

What else have we been up to?

Football Trophy Engravings

Engraving has long been used to personalise winners’ trophies and awards to memorialise achievements. At Keyishoes, we help bring your award to life, offering a prompt turnaround for annual updates on trophy cups, shields, tankards, plaques and salvers. We can supply trophies and awards to suit all budgets from our online catalogue.

This week, we engraved 20 football trophies (10 winners and 10 runners-up) for a 7-a-side football team. We also made some additions to a big trophy for the same team!

Designer Shoe Protection

Christian Louboutin shoes are instantly recognisable by their famous red painted leather soles. Unfortunately, their distinctive soles quickly wear off, as the soles are painted with a high-gloss lacquer. This isn’t a protective material, but rather a coat of fancy paint – which is why the paint chips and scratches when you walk on concrete!

We offer a designer shoe protection service which fits a fine red rubber sole to preserve the distinctive brand colour. This also offers protection and water resistance to the leather sole, with non-slip grip. If you are looking to protect or repair your damaged shoes, get in touch and we will see what we can do for you.

Sharpened Chef’s Knives

Sharpening knives at home using a knife steel might make the blade feel sharper, but in the long run, it will get duller more quickly.

Keyishoes offer a professional blade sharpening service using a water-cooled grinding machine incorporating a leather blade honing wheel. Our machine uses a special low-speed system to generate a precision sharpening method, with custom jigs to ensure that the blades are sharpened to the precise angle.

This ensures that we can offer a superb, high-quality sharpening service to trades and professions such as dog-groomers, carpenters, hairdressers and chefs, who rely heavily on the quality of the blade.

We sharpened a selection of knives for a chef this week – have a look to see what we can do for you.

Motorcycle Spare Key

We know what a nightmare it can be losing the only keys to your vehicle! At Keyishoes, we offer an easy solution of preparing a new set of spare keys, allowing you to get back behind the wheel when your main keys can’t be found. And the same goes when you lose the keys to your car, van, motorbike or motorhome!

This week, we supplied and programmed a new spare key to our client’s Honda motorcycle, and they were back on their motorbike with no fuss.

What Our Customers Say About Us…

Brilliant customer service by Simon in all respects and made all the more better by the fantastic price which was far cheaper than going direct to Ford for a replacement car key. Highly recommended to all. 5-star service at a budget price.


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