When Should You Visit the Dry Cleaners?

Written by Simon

19th July 2019

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they get tough stains on their clothing is that they try to remove them at home. 

Pretreating stains at home will often leave a stubborn residue. Over time, even the faintest of stains can permanently affect your clothing – altering the fibers or removing their color – which then makes them near impossible to remove. 

Food, perspiration and dander are choice foods of moths and silverfish, so it’s very important to have all stains removed properly. Stains like these also tend to set in warmer months, making them harder to treat.

Our advice to you is: If you need a tough stain removed, hand it over to a professional, ASAP! The sooner you can get a stained garment in for cleaning, the better. 

At Keyishoes, we offer the fastest cleaning service in Northern Carlisle. Bring your dry cleaning to us and we will have it ready for you within just 48 hours!

In this week’s blog post, we want to share with you some suggestions for when to bring in different types of garments, along with some handy tips and tricks.


Dry cleaning is the best method for removing stains on a suit. Not all suits will need a dry clean after each use, since they don’t come into direct contact with your skin. 

However, this depends on whether you wear a business or formal suit. Business suits, worn on a more regular basis, will typically need a dry clean every four to five wears. Formal suits, worn on special occasions such as weddings or black tie events, will need to be dry cleaned after each wear.

Keyishoes Tip: Make sure your suit separates are dry cleaned together, so that they wear the same.

Shirts and Blouses

Shirts and silk blouses which fit close to your skin tend to absorb sweat more easily, and so they would require more regular trips to the dry cleaners. 

For button-down shirts, we recommend bringing them in after three or four wears, or after every wear if the material is white. Silk shirts and blouses should be dry cleaned after every wear.

Keyishoes Tip: Be wary of the colour fastening of your black and white clothes as colours can bleed, even with high-quality cleaning.

Dress Trousers, Skirts and Dresses

Formal dresses will need to be cleaned after every wear, due to their fragile material. Dress trousers and skirts can be worn four to five times before they need a dry clean.

Keyishoes Tip: Make sure to air out your trousers, skirts and dresses by hanging them after wearing them.

Coats and Jackets

Since coats and jackets don’t tend to come into direct skin contact, they generally need a dry clean once every season. That way you can have them ready by the time you need them for the following season.

However, a blazer would typically need more frequent dry cleaning. This again would depend on the material – synthetic fabrics would need a refresh every two to three wears, whereas wool blazers can go longer without.


It’s important to make sure your jumpers are dry cleaned to remove any stains before you store them away. Generally, we suggest dry cleaning your jumpers every two to five wears.

However, this may depend on the material. Certain wool fibers have a wax coating or static material which creates a barrier against liquids, so they are less prone to getting stained. Cashmere, on the other hand, will need a dry clean every second wear.

Keyishoes Tip: Make sure your jumpers are stored folded and not hanging, as combined with humidity, this can stretch them out.


We hope these tips will help you know when to go to the dry cleaners to bring in specific clothes and materials. As we suggested earlier, it’s always best to hand over your garments to a professional to ensure they stay looking good for longer.

Keyishoes offer a comprehensive dry cleaning, clothes alteration and repair service. We are proud to have been selected as an “Appointed Agent” of Johnsons The Cleaners. This well-known dry cleaning company has been a popular feature on the high street with over 465 branches in the UK! They use the GreenEarth® cleaning – learn more about the GreenEarth® eco-friendly dry cleaning process in the video below.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no need to fight traffic, pay for parking and then do the same again when you need to collect. Just pop in to Keyishoes mobile shop in the Currys PC World & Homebase Car Park, Kingstown, Carlisle where there is plenty of free parking and we’ll take the hassle out of getting these mundane tasks done for you.

Learn more about GreenEarth® dry cleaning:

GreenEarth®: A different kind of Dry Clean

“Make the Greener Choice in garment aftercare because your clothes deserve the best.”

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